Kopf Göttinger Institut für Männerbildung

Groups & Training

Our basic group and training program:

„See me, feel me, touch me – heal me!“
Body-psychotherapeutic work with aggression as a resource

A healthy attitude to aggression plays a key role for our entire personal development. This must include both the fruitful as well as the harmful aspects of aggression. For the therapeutic access to both sides, we use a pragmatic model of decontaminated aggression on one hand in contrast to a contaminated one on the other hand. We explore this subject in settings of „dialogical confrontations“ by which we`re aiming for the transformation of violence. This means using body- and contact-exercises to distinguish between suppress and channeling one´s own aggressive force supportive to our personality, health, and fairness with others.
Participants of our groups and single work report back often going through a transformative and encouraging process. Therefore, they incorporate the idea of distinction between destructive and constructive aggression in their relationships. It becomes more and more important to take position while balancing one’s own rights, responsibly and the contradiction between consideration and impertinence. It mirrors the political conflict between pacifist and militarily solutions to insure human rights.

Workshops and Trainings can be from 2 up to 4 days or cover several thematic blocks to delve deeper into the topics.
For information contact Thomas Scheskat: +49 172 5639841, info(at)maennerbildung.de

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